Hemoadsorption eliminates Remdesivir from the circulation

Both, antiviral treatment with remdesivir and hemoadsorption using a CytoSorb® adsorption device are applied in the treatment of severe COVID-19. The CytoSorb® adsorber consists of porous polymer beads that adsorb a broad range of molecules, including cytokines but also several therapeutic drugs. Using a custom-made in vitro system, we found that remdesivir and its main active metabolite GS-441524 were rapidly eliminated from the perfusate by the CytoSorb® adsorber device. This should be considered in patients for whom both therapies are indicated. In general, our findings indicate that plasma levels of therapeutic drugs should be closely monitored under concurrent CytoSorb® therapy.

Biever et al. Pharmacol Res Perspect 2021 https://doi.org/10.1002/prp2.743