Use of the CytoSorb adsorption device in MDMA intoxication

We reported first-in-man experience and in vitro data showing the capacity of a CytoSorb adsorber device for MDMA removal. 

We applied a CytoSorb adsorber device in a 21-year-old male presenting with severe MDMA intoxication and multi-organ failure, including neurological impairment, hyperpyrexia, rhabdomyolysis, oliguric renal failure, liver failure, and coagulopathy with disseminated gastrointestinal and intramuscular bleeding. Use of the adsorber device was associated with a decline in MDMA concentrations in serum from 540 to 140 ng/ml within the first 24 h, a decrease of interleukin 6 and myoglobin levels, and subsequent clinical improvement. The patient was discharged from hospital after restoration of organ function and full neurological recovery. Effective elimination of MDMA by the adsorber device could be confirmed in vitro, when the device lowered MDMA concentrations to non-detectable levels.

Lang et al. Intensive Care Medicine Experimental. 8,21 (2020).